MPC EPOWER 10-800KVA 3/3


Computer room, Data center, Precision instrument, Intelligent equipment , Industry
Main Features:

  • Online double conversion
  • 3 phases UPS allow 100% unbalance load
  • Fully DSP control, high reliability and performance
  • Wide input voltage range
  • DC cold start function
  • Advanced battery charging management
  • Intelligent fan speed control
  • ECO mode and EPO function.
  • Intelligent RS232/RS485 DB9 Dry contactor communication port
  • SNMP adapter (optional)
  • Advanced no-master-slave parallel technology (optional)
  • Intelligent battery monitor system - MMBM (optional)
  • 12 Pulse rectifier (optional)
  • Bypass isolation transformer (optional)
  • Intelligent RS232/RS485,DB9 dry contract communication port