Porsoo Electronic Radmehr  as a leading organization in the field of  ICT and prosperous and pioneer in providing technical and engineering services, has been started its activies in supporting of banking system equipment such as ATM, UPS and ... and supply and production of  UPS and battery.The entrance of Porsoo company in telecommunication world happened in 2004 as one of the pioneers of 2G network maintenance in Tehran. The maintenance of a major part of 2G network inside Tehran city was awarded to this company by the only operator of the time, MCCI and after a few years later, 3G network maintenance was added to this company activity as well.Also, in 2012 Porsoo Electronic Radmehr as one of the main subcontractor in Infrastructure Telecommunication network expanded its projects in 2012 for maintenance, support, optimization and operation network .


PORSOO ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING  Co. with about 20 years of consecutive professional experience is proud of its activities in supplying telecommunications and banking services and also supporting equipments in telecommunications and infrastructure sites, relying on experts and specialists including near 300 employees . Its specialties are summarized in below mentioned parts:
1)   and Banking and Electronic Equipments 

Providing Banking-Telecommunication Equipment and Generating UPS, Chargers, Rectifiers, Inverters, Industrial Racks and ...


Services and support of bank equipment including UPS,Currency-counting machine, ATM, POS, CCTV and ...


Services and support of BTS telecommunication sites and its equipments including BTS, BSC and installation site  and location for telecommunication sites (Drive test)

3)    Infrastructure Telecommunication Network Supporting

 maintenance Service, support, optimization and implementation of the country′s telecommunications infrastructure network including fiber optic equipment, including SC, PC, data control and data transmission, and fiber optic network