Infrastructure Telecommunication Network

Infrastructure Telecommunication Network

Maintenance, support, optimization and executive operations of the State Infrastructure Telecommunication Network

Including infrastructure fiber optic equipment such as SC, PC centers, data control, transmission and fiber optic network

 State Infrastructure Communications Network, is one of the world s largest network that is under the authority of infrastructures Communications and also is the only state company in the field of telecommunications and information technology.

The great pleasure of the Porsoo Electronic is maintenance, support, optimization and operation of main parts of three Provinces including Sistan and Baluchestan , Khuzestan , Mazandaran , West Azerbaijan Telecommunication Network.

This vast network includes 15 percent of infrastructure network equipments center that consists of Km 7400 fiber optic network, 100 centers  and sites of radio equipments also 10 centers of switching Pc/Sc and 3 data centers. With a staff of 410.

In addition, the project is developing in transferring and data switching through the most modern and developed updated equipments.

Implementation of this sensitive and great project has made Porsoo Electronic Radmehr one of the largest executive and optimizing carrier class

networks, which demonstrates qualified management and administration of this company.

Participation in the Consortium of  Tadavom-e-Noor  as the Vice-Chairman of the Board, the other members of the Consortium include DPCO company, ITMC Company and Sanam company. Its mission include purchasing, Installation, Implementation and Optimization nearly 6000 Kilometers Optic Fiber and Accessories in order to increase Internet bandwidth facilities for other  15 provinces of the State.